Mental health of a self-selected sample of psychedelic users and self-medication practices with psychedelics

Natasha L. Mason, Kim P. C. Kuypers
  • Journal of Psychedelic Studies, June 2018, Akademiai Kiado
  • DOI: 10.1556/2054.2018.006

Self-medication with psychedelics for mental or physical problems occurs amongst psychedelic users

What is it about?

We have conducted an online survey amongst psychedelics users to investigate whether self-medication with psychedelics occurs. Findings showed that some users take psychedelics to help with their mental disorders and a proportion of those who did, rated it more efficacious than the traditional treatment they received prior to self-medicating.

Why is it important?

There is a renewed interest in the use of psychedelics in the therapeutic setting. This survey study shows that people with mental problems experience positive effects from using psychedelics to combat their problems. It supports clinical research testing the therapeutic effects in people suffering from mental health problems.

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