Physical and biochemical quality properties of fermented beef sausages: Bez sucuk

  • Ü. Çiçek, T. Köse
  • Acta Alimentaria, September 2016, Akademiai Kiado
  • DOI: 10.1556/066.2016.0001

Some physical and biochemical properties of fermented beef sausage named as Bez Sucuk

What is it about?

Fermented sausage is generally filled in natural/collagen casings. To produce Bez sucuk, sausage batter is filled in cloth casing with special properties. In Turkey, some small scaled facilities and butchers used to manufacture bez sucuk. In the current study, some physical and biochemical properties of bez sucuks were investigated.

Why is it important?

The properties of fermented sausages must be in accordance with food legislation. From the point of food safety and protection of consumers, the results of current study play an important role for the manufacturers.

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