New Perspectives in Chronic and Neuropathic Pain in Older Population

Varrassi Giustino
  • SOJ Anesthesiology & Pain Management, October 2015, Symbiosis Group
  • DOI: 10.15226/2374-684x/2/3/00126

New perspective in pain management

What is it about?

Chronic pain, especially in the elderly, is difficult to treat. This paper open new frontiers of treatment, which seem to be helpful.

Why is it important?

To open new therapeutic frontiers in chronic pain management is always important, considering the huge number of patients suffering because of chronic pain.


Professor Giustino Varrassi
Paolo Procacci Foundation

All the pain clinicians should answer the difficult question: why chronic pain is an increasing entity even if the treatment of the patients is more and more extensive? There must be something that is completely forgotten or non cared enough, especially from the pathological point of view. We tried to give an explanation on which one of the factors could play an important role, and what could help in the pharmacological therapy of the pain patients.

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