Two steps toward a culture of reproducibility in science

Matthew MacLennan
  • Authorea, Inc.
  • DOI: 10.15200/winn.146650.01170


Mr Matthew Simon MacLennan
University of British Columbia

This article was written in a "humourous" tone, although it contains realistic solutions to the proposed issue. The (possibly) humourous tone was an experiment to see if unconventional writing style could effectively mask the content of the arguments. The article was submitted to an open access contest held on a website that was not affiliated with an pre-print peer-review journals. Would such an "open" site be able to effectively regulate the quality/tone/content submitted? My article had the lowest number of reads which suggests it wasn't taken seriously overall and that such open fora in short time-frames could easily miss important points. Interestingly, the contest also featured some flamboyant personalities who clashed "off stage" in an email train to contestants, me included, that will go down in the history of my gmail box. Is there such a thing as "too open"?

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