A Simple Method to Estimate Numerically the Residual Stresses in Bodies Subjected to Cyclic Loads

Michał Pazdanowski
  • Materials Performance and Characterization, June 2018, ASTM International
  • DOI: 10.1520/mpc20170102

A simple method to estimate residual stresses

What is it about?

Residual stresses may develop in metal structures as a byproduct of manufacturing or a result of service regimen. These stresses affect the total stress state in the structure, and thus may influence its resistance to crack development. The presented method allows for relatively fast calculation of residual stresses in bodies subjected to cyclic loads.

Why is it important?

The residual stress determination method allowing for speedy calculation of these stresses may be of help to designers and people involved in maintenance of metallic structures subjected to cyclic loads.


Michal Pazdanowski (Author)
Cracow University of Technology

I hope, that this paper may make the life of the structural engineer and designer of machinery easier, and also will help in making the new designs longer lasting and safer in use.

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