Effect of Homogenization and Microstructural Refining on the High Temperature Deformation of a Cast Al-Si-Mg Alloy

L. A. Espinosa, F. A. Pérez-González, N. F. Garza-Montes-de-Oca, S. Haro, R. E. Rossainz, I. Marín, R. Colás
  • Materials Performance and Characterization, February 2017, ASTM International
  • DOI: 10.1520/mpc20160041

Effect of Homogenization on the Deformation of a Cast Al-Si-Mg Alloy.

What is it about?

It is very common that aluminum 6000 series have intermetallic particles Al-Mg-Si-Fe which affect the mechanical behavior of the alloy, so we study the effect of the Homogenization on these particles and finally on the deformation and cracking of these alloys.

Why is it important?

we determine which are the main factors in the creation and growth of the intermetallic phases Al-Mg-Si-Fe and its importance in the cracking during the deformation of the alloy.


Luis espinosa
Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon

aluminum alloys are used every day, but there is still much to develop in this material, this publication tries to contribute in this development that will serve to improve the strength and machinability of the 6000 series aluminum alloys.

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The following have contributed to this page: Dr SERGIO GARCIA HARO, Rafael Colas, Msc ismael IMS Marin, and Luis espinosa