Three-dimensional computer models of electrospinning systems

Krzysztof Smółka, Anna Firych-Nowacka, Marcin Lefik
  • Open Physics, December 2017, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/phys-2017-0091

Models of electrospinning systems.

What is it about?

Electrospinning is a very interesting method that allows the fabrication of continuous fibers with diameters down to a few nanometers. This paper presents an overview of electrospinning systems as well as their comparison using proposed three-dimensional parameterized numerical models. The presented solutions allow an analysis of the electric field distribution.

Why is it important?

According to the authors, in the literature there is no uniform comparison of the electric field distributions in different electrospinning systems. The models described in this paper make it possible to choose optimal parameters for the production of nanofibers (e.g. power supply voltage and the distance between capillary and collector), the most appropriate capillary and collector systems and the design of new electrospinning systems.


Krzysztof Smółka
Institute of Mechatronics and Information Systems, Lodz University of Technology

Writing this article was a great pleasure as it has co-authors with whom I have had long standing collaborations.

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