From the Charism to Action in Educational, Organizational and Social Aspect on the Example of Religious Congregations Formed in Poland in the Nineteenth/Twentieth Century

Maria Loyola Opiela
  • Journal for Perspectives of Economic Political and Social Integration, December 2017, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/pepsi-2017-0004

The dynamics of the development of religious congregations according to the charism

What is it about?

Integral approach of life of people united in the religious community around the charism of the congregation as a gift of the Holy Spirit can show how consistently, according to the spiritual dimension is its realization in human reality - moral, educational and social. Preservation of identity and concern about the timeliness of activities in education, care and educational and social needs systematic reflection and dynamics of dialogue in the communities and institutions carried out in relation to the charism of the congregation. The charism of the religious life and the specific charism of the congregation, and all other gifts, is inscribed in the structure of earthly reality, the reality of history. Note the variety of charisms of assembly and their harmonious complementarity in the religious dimension and the activities of the organizational and social. Over time, they changed their scope, intensity and socio-cultural context, not its essence, as it does not change human nature, which was directed activity. The ideals of life represented by the religious communities expressed in the life and work of the monks still permeate their surroundings and transform them qualitatively. Thanks to this dynamic of dialogue, the activities of active religious congregations today are continued and still valid.

Why is it important?

This is very important because contemporary problems and needs in the field of education and social assistance require activities of various communities and people who build religious communities to carry out their mission in accordance with the charism and the original inspiration of the founder. This requires that over and over again, in the light of the charism, changing forms of work and help, look for new, reach the places marked by modern forms of moral and material poverty and slavery. A clear definition of the charism of people and institutions inspires confidence and makes the world today, our society need a presence, as well as works carried out by consecrated persons.


dr hab. prof. KUL Maria Opiela
Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawla II

The integral connection of the religious dimension and social life and business is maintaining identity, which makes the work conducted and educational institutions are Catholic in nature, and not in name only. They remain faithful to the socio-cultural traditions of patriotism, which is important in the work of the men and taken initiatives for the local community and global environment.

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