An Empirical Study of the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Competences and Innovativeness of Successors in Family SMEs

Marina Letonja, Mitja Jeraj, Miha Marič
  • Organizacija, January 2016, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/orga-2016-0020

Entrepreneurial competences and innovativeness of successors in family SMEs

What is it about?

Little is known about the factors which are positively correlated or affect innovativeness of successors in family SMEs .Our research explores the relationship between entrepreneurial competences of the founders in family SMEs (the first and the second generation) and innovativeness of their successors . The study was conducted in Slovenia. Results of our research indicate that entrepreneurial competences like creativity, attitude toward risk-taking, attitude toward negotiations, technical knowledge and skills and marketing knowledge and skills of the founders in family SMEs positively correlate with innovativeness of successors and that they are important factor for fostering innovativeness of successors.

Why is it important?

This paper links the two constructs - entrepreneurial competences of founders and innovativeness of successors, and presents a valuable contribution for entrepreneurship theory; therefore, the results could be used for a further scientific research as also for practical implications.


Marina Letonja
Gea College

Writing this article was a great pleasure as I shared the research findings with my colleagues and in collaboration we brought a new momentum in the study. Innovativeness of successors in family businesses has become subject of research only recently. And entrepreneurial competences of founders are only one possible factor that can influence the innovativeness of successors in family SMEs.

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