Copper nanoparticles as an alternative feed additive in poultry diet: a review

Abdullah Scott, Krishna Prasad Vadalasetty, André Chwalibog, Ewa Sawosz
  • Nanotechnology Reviews, February 2018, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/ntrev-2017-0159

Copper nanoparticles added as feed additives in chicken's diet

What is it about?

Copper is a trace mineral that added in huge amount to the chicken diet as growth promoter. However, most of the copper are excreted without been absorbed. Therefore, copper nanoparticles is a promising product that have high availability that can be used in very less quantity with lower excretion.

Why is it important?

It is important because the normal copper sulphate found in huge amount in the soil level that led to bacterial resistance. Therefore, copper nanoparticles will be a new form of copper which have high bio compatibility.


Salahaddin University- Hawler

Animals can only absorb a small fraction of Cu and the most is excreted, contaminating soil and aquatic environment. Hence, the use of this mineral as a growth promoter is today one of the crucial health and envi-ronmental concerns. Studies provide varied results in animal models. However, other studies being undertaken in different animal spe-cies have shown the promise of Cu-NP supplementation. Therefore, there is a need to optimise the dose and dura-tion of Cu-NP supplementation for livestock, depending on their biological effects. Moreover, the bioavailability of Cu-NP in livestock still needs further confirmation.

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