The Castrated Trustee: Jouissance and Breach of Trust

Robert Herian
  • PĆ³lemos, January 2017, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/pol-2017-0007

What is it about?

A psychological reading of trusts and trusteeship which considers these banal if high prolific legal forms as engines of desire,

Why is it important?

Trusts play a very significant role in structuring contemporary capitalism. Yet they remain under-theorized beyond or outside self-justifying legal discourse. That is, legal discourse that fails to suitably describe and interpret trusts with regard to the politico-economic contexts that produce them. This paper aims therefore to provide a new way of looking at trusts and trusteeship in order to highlight their significance to critiques of economic reason.


Robert Herian

The psychoanalytical perspective of this paper serves the important purpose of challenging legal discourse that posit trusts only in cold, dead, instrumental terms. That disguise and silence the nature of human interrelations that inform the trusts model. What this paper brings to the fore is the political and power relations that inevitably underlie trusts as means of human exchange and interaction.

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