Levels and properties of map perception

  • Wiesława Żyszkowska
  • Polish Cartographical Review, January 2017, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/pcr-2017-0002

Levels and properties of map perception

What is it about?

The article presents the review of the processes connected with map perception and its main factors. The stages of the process, like visual search, perception pattern , the processes like identification, interpretation and mental map are described. Among the factors the map character, cartographic competences of map readers, the character of the information taken from the map and the situation of map perception are analysed.

Why is it important?

Many researches were carried out on traditional, paper maps. Now it is time to implement the knowledge of the different aspects of map perception to the maps gererated on the computer monitors and navigation systems.


dr hab. Wieslawa Zyszkowska
University of Wroclaw,

the review presented in my article points out the perspective of the future research

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