On Georgian Preverbs

Tamar Makharoblidze
  • Open Linguistics, January 2018, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/opli-2018-0009

On Georgian Preverbs

What is it about?

Abstract: This paper describes the classification of the functions of preverbs in Georgian and the other Kartvelian languages as a contribution to the typology of this issue. Preverbs have different meanings and activities in different languages. The typological classification of the functions of preverbs reveals the four core functions: spatial, temporal, objective and lexical. This paper discusses verbal argument structure alternations encoded by preverbs. I argue that preverbs affect verbal valency changes and stimulate object role-shifting in Georgian verbs and other Kartvelian languages. I also argue that preverbs have a crucial role in object alternation across the languages. Keywords: preverb, object, valency, verb, Georgian, Mingrelian, Svan, typology, morphology, syntax

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