Profitability and efficiency evaluation of the financial management of a socio-economic intervention

  • Rosario Cano Garcia
  • Management & Marketing, January 2017, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/mmcks-2017-0019

Financial aid to small businesses

What is it about?

Financial aid is usually provided to needy communities. This is intended to uplift their socioeconomic condition. In this study, the small businesses of three associations with their members who are also engaged in small businesses were given financial aid. It is the aim of the study to evaluate the beneficiaries' financial management performance. Was the financial aid functional and beneficial?

Why is it important?

The study is important because it presents the success of a socioeconomic intervention. It reveals close monitoring on the side of the financial aid provider, the leadership quality of the beneficiaries, and the drive to succeed as determinants of success.



Developing this research gave me a sense of fulfilment in the provision of community services. Finding out in the analysis of data that the objective of granting financial assistance especially to small businesses was achieved is for me gratifying. This study also hopes to inspire others to render community services and for those who are already extending assistance to continue doing so until sustainability is reached and even beyond.

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