Jhirī: A ‘Sanskrit-speaking’ Village in Madhya Pradesh

  • Patrick McCartney
  • Journal of South Asian Languages and Linguistics, January 2017, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/jsall-2017-0007

Jhirī: A ‘Sanskrit-speaking’ Village in Madhya Pradesh

What is it about?

This article is about a "sanskrit-speaking" village in India where I spent 1-month in 2015 exploring the levels of fluency amongst the residents of this village.

Why is it important?

Not much work has been done on Spoken Sanskrit in the last few decades. It is important to look at the politics and sociology behind this linguistic phenomenon. I look at this from an anthropological perspective.


Patrick McCartney

Sanskrit is not really spoken in this village. It is an important identity marker and aspiration, however.

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