Serological and molecular detection of Bean leaf roll and Chickpea chlorotic stunt luteoviruses in chickpea from Iran

  • Tara Hajiyusef, Nooh Shahraeen, Mojdeh Maleki
  • Journal of Plant Protection Research, January 2017, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/jppr-2017-0018

Characterization of viral agents associated with legumes yellowing

What is it about?

Many biotic and abiotic agents are associated with the yellowing symptoms of legumes ( chickpea, faba bean,lentil, pea, cowpea, mung bean ( and weeds) in the field. Characterization of viral agents associated with the diseased plants is an interesting part of the study.

Why is it important?

Involvement of a VIRAL AGENTS and CHARACTERIZATION OF an un described VIRUS .


Dr.Prof. Nooh - Shahraeen
Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection

involvement of a disease agents -application of new technology (HTS) control measure (gene transfer)

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