A rhetorical analysis of humor styles and techniques used in persian stand-up comedy

  • Mohammad Ali Heidari-Shahreza
  • Humor - International Journal of Humor Research, January 2017, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/humor-2017-0025

A rhetorical analysis of humor in Persian stand-up comedy

What is it about?

In the present research, based on a new typology, a rhetorical approach is taken to examine humor styles and techniques used in Persian stand-up performances. In this study, the rhetorical devices used by the comedians to create humor, several aspects of the interaction between the comedians and the audience and possible directions of Persian stand-up comedy are addressed.

Why is it important?

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first (rhetorical) investigation of Persian stand-up comedy, addressing humor and rhetoric in stand-up comedy in new ways.


Dr. Mohammad Ali Heidari-Shahreza
Islamic Azad University

I hope this article serves as a turning point in the scientific study of Persian stand-up comedy and provides interested researchers with insights into the rhetoric of stand-up comedy.

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