Basic pituitary-ovarian hormones and ultrasound parameters of uterine appendages in full-term and preterm neonate girls

Natalia Artymuk, Svetlana I. Yelgina, Elena Nikulina
  • Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation, April 2018, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/hmbci-2017-0064


What is it about?

In article we have estimated the ovarian reserve in adolescent girls born prematurely.   Statistically significant differences of the main parameters that characterize ovarian reserve in adolescent girls born prematurely compared to those born full term were specified. The levels of estradiol (р=0,027), Anti-Mullerian hormone (р=0,0004), inhibin В (р=0,015) were lower in the girls born prematurely and follicle stimulating (р=0,0001) and lutenizing (р=0,002) hormone levels - higher. The USI findings of the uterus and appendages were also different.   Adolescent girls born prematurely had longer uterus cervix, smaller sizes of endometrial echo, smaller ovarian sizes and fewer follicles in them.

Why is it important?

The development of the main parts of the reproductive system of adolescent girls begins with an early embryonic period. Diseases of the perinatal period are risk factors for reproductive system disorders during its building process]. Miscarriage is an urgent problem of obstetrics and perinatology.  Despite its medical and social significance, the reproductive health of adolescent girls born prematurely, including ovarian reserve, has not been sufficiently studied


Svetlana Elgina (Author)

My colleagues who are the famous obstetricians-gynecologists in Russia have been taking part in work on this article. Collecting material, statistical processing, expectation of results, writing of article were curious and fascinating because researches in the field of medicine are not numerous. I hope that our article will make a due contribution to development of children's and teenage gynecology, and we will attract to a problem many other researchers.

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