Why is the Iura Novit Curia Principle not Applied Yet in English Law?

  • Cesare Cavallini
  • Global Jurist, January 2017, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/gj-2017-0010

Iura Novit Curia between civil law and English common law.

What is it about?

Iura novit curia is a fundamantal ground of civil - law process systems. This artiche tryes to get it closed also in English law, even though this principle is not applied yet. The aim wolud be to find, starting from this issue, a global fundamentals of civil justice irrespective of the legal families.

Why is it important?

Is it time to reshape the comparative study in civil procedure and civil justice ? Can we try to evaluate deeply several fundamental rules or principles between the two big legal families ? Let's start from Iura novit curia


cesare cavallini
Universita Bocconi

This is a preliminary study to shape a possible new mood of comparative civil procedure and justice.

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