Minne, glemsel og identitet i Jonas Hassen Khemiris romaner

Annika Bøstein Myhr
  • European Journal of Scandinavian Studies, April 2018, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/ejss-2018-0006

Identity, memory and forgetting in Scandinavia

Why is it important?

Jonas Hassen Khemiri's novels demonstrate that memories and forgetting are significant to the development of both individual and collective identity. The article deliberates what the implications of Khemiri’s novels may be, for our understanding of individual as well as collective identity in today’s culturally diverse Scandinavian society.


Annika Myhr (Author)
University College of Southeast Norway

Jonas Hassen Khemiri's novels have an exceptional quality. Every time I read and teach these novels, I discover something new, and learn something interesting about literature, language, the world, my students and myself.

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