Quality management at the national biobanking level – establishing a culture of mutual trust and support: the BBMRI.at example

  • Helmuth Haslacher, Michaela Bayer, Heidelinde Fiegl, Marlene Gerner, Philipp Hofer, Melanie Korb, Sabrina Neururer, Thomas Perkmann, Katharina Plattner, Karine Sargsyan, Eberhard Steiner, Cornelia Stumptner, Ingrid Walter, Monika Wieser, Andrea Wutte, Oswald Wagner, Kurt Zatloukal
  • Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM), November 2019, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/cclm-2019-0491

What is it about?

Non-reproducibility of scientific results is very frequent and often caused by inappropriate biomaterials. Hence, standardization of biomaterial processing could improve research reliability. Therefore, the Austrian biobanking consortium BBMRI.at supported its partner biobanks with the establishment of harmonized quality management system and biomaterial production processes. Moreover, BBMRI.at fostered joint improvement by the establishment of mutual cross audits.

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