Escherichia coli expression of NDV fusion protein gene and determination of its antigenic epitopes

  • Naila Shahid, Sana Tahir, Abdul Q. Rao, Sameera Hassan, Anwar Khan, Ayesha Latif, Muhammad Au Khan, Bushra Tabassum, Ahmed A. Shahid, Ahmed U. Zafar, Tayyab Husnain
  • Biologia, January 2015, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/biolog-2015-0191

NDV fusion protein expression and characterization of its antigenic epitopes

What is it about?

The publication highlights the effort done to express NDV fusion protein gene in E. coli and further characterize its antigenic epitopes a step towards development of edible vaccine.

Why is it important?

This effort will be helpful to save major losses of Pakistan poultry and also to fulfill the demand because edible vaccine can be produced cheaply, used without any danger of pathogenicity with easy way of oral administration.


Dr Abdul Qayyum Rao
CEMB, University of the Punjab

Recurrent outbreaks of Newcastle disease have questioned the usage of existing vaccines that whether they are still adequate to protect clinical diseases and inhibit virus transmission in poultry. Advancement in molecular biology has led to the production of recombinant vaccines in recent years, which can be a more useful strategy to control infections of Newcastle disease virus (NDV). Being Molecular Biologist i have taken this initiative in Pakistan to utilize recombinant biotechnology approach to generate edible vaccine against this dangerous disease of poultry. As a step towards developing a safe and effective edible vaccine against Newcastle disease virus (NDV), the use of genetically engineered plants to express viral proteins was proposed in current study.

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