Fliehende Objekte: Rey Chows Beiträge zur postkolonialen Theorie

  • Andrea Riemenschnitter
  • Asiatische Studien – Études Asiatiques, January 2016, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/asia-2016-0013

rey chow postcolonial studies

What is it about?

Throughout her academic career, Rey Chow contributed important research on the sinophone parts of the postcolonial world. Her work explains the epistemic violence and aporia of cold war political thought as well as the more subtle yet far-reaching negotiations, entanglements and shifts in academic, aesthetic and/or cultural outlooks between East Asia and the West.

Why is it important?

This is an accessible introduction to Rey Chow's work to be used in classroom contexts as well as for other, scholarly purposes, eg. for an overview of the themes and intellectual issues addressed by her.


Prof. Dr. Andrea M. Riemenschnitter
Universitat Zurich

Read this - but more importantly, her oeuvre - to understand a Hong Kong citizen/intellectual's position in-between empires, and to gain a unique understanding of the world as seen and experienced from the margins of both.

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