Introduction to Lean Canvas Transformation Models and Metrics in Software Testing

Padmaraj Nidagundi, Leonids Novickis
  • Applied Computer Systems, January 2016, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/acss-2016-0004

What is it about?

Software plays a key role nowadays in all fields, from simple up to cutting-edge technologies and most of technology devices now work on software. Software development verification and validation have become very important to produce the high quality software according to business stakeholder requirements. Different software development methodologies have given a new dimension for software testing. In traditional waterfall software development software testing has approached the end point and begins with resource planning, a test plan is designed and test criteria are defined for acceptance testing. In this process most of test plan is well documented and it leads towards the time-consuming processes. For the modern software development methodology such as agile where long test processes and documentations are not followed strictly due to small iteration of software development and testing, lean canvas transformation models can be a solution.

Why is it important?

This paper provides a new dimension to find out the possibilities of adopting the lean transformation models and metrics in the software test plan to simplify the test process for further use of these test metrics on canvas.


Mr Padmaraj Nidagundi (Author)
Rigas Tehniska universitate

Our core contribution is to highlight the identified test metrics and possibilities of adoption of the use of lean canvas transformation models in the software test process. Specifically: • To identify the entry criteria, exit criteria for the software product testing. o In waterfall model where software testing process at the end and long test documentation are time consuming. o In agile where software development cycle is very short and software testing needs to be done in time and there is very less time for lightweight test documentation creation. o In software test documentation, where it is very difficult to cover all test items. o In test planning where before software testing starts a test plan must be ready. • To evaluate possibilities of adoption lean canvas transformation models in software testing. • To find the way to generate different test metrics, which affect the software testing.

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