Spanish Clitics on the Move

Elisabeth Mayer
  • January 2017, De Gruyter
  • DOI: 10.1515/9781614514213

Spanish clitics on the move, Variation in time and space

What is it about?

This book is about the genesis of a subset of feature-reduced clitics (also called object pronouns) and their syntactic/pragmatic functions in Limeño Spanish contact varieties of Peruvian Spanish. These clitics, which arise as non-standardized variation embedded in a variety of contact and second language acquisition scenarios, exhibit different grammaticalization stages and extended grammatical functions. The book presents a theoretically oriented description linking the clitic variability and innovation found in these dialects to language change in progress taking also into account the functional and semantic underpinnings of the syntax and the sociolinguistic setting.

Why is it important?

The driving force behind this book is the attempt to make sure that “ungrammatical” better, non-standardized expressions are not simply the result for imperfect first, second or third language acquisition but expressions of competing dialect grammars embedded in a much broader picture of typological change from nominative-accusative marking to primary and secondary object marking.


Dr Elisabeth Mayer (Author)
Australian National University

I hope that this book will inspire more linguists to look beyond variation for the coherent picture in terms of a linguistic analysis of grammatical phenomena and inherent variability embedded in a range of external and internal triggers.

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