Opportunity Discovery and Creation as a Duality: Evidence from Small Firms’ Foreign Market Entries

  • Sylvie Chetty, Masoud Karami, Oscar Martín Martín
  • Journal of International Marketing, September 2018, American Marketing Association (AMA)
  • DOI: 10.1509/jim.17.0005

Opportunity Discovery and Creation as Duality: Evidence from Small Firms' Foreign Market Entries

What is it about?

Little research addresses the likely enabling character of the discovery and creation of opportunities during the internationalization of small firms or how international opportunities are found and constructed during the process of foreign market entry (FME). This article therefore studies how opportunities become connected during small firms ’ FME. By incorporating the concept of duality, this article conceives of the discovery and creation of opportunity as mutually enabling rather than opposed. From this duality perspective, opportunity discovery and creation facilitate each other during internationalization processes. This case study involves five high-tech Australian firms and 30 FMEs. The findings show that knowledge, networks, and capabilities enable opportunities in the FME context. International opportunities are connected and nested in different levels of generality and specificity. The FME opportunities may be based on opportunity embeddedness, because each opportunity has implications for other opportunities. The findings lead to a model and propositions to explain the relationships between opportunity discovery and creation in FME.

Why is it important?

this paper contributes to our understanding of the nature of international opportunities

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