Detecting asset misappropriation: a framework for external auditors

Rasha Kassem
  • International Journal of Accounting Auditing and Performance Evaluation, January 2014, Inderscience Publishers
  • DOI: 10.1504/ijaape.2014.059181

A framework to help external auditors detect assets misappropriation

What is it about?

This study provides external auditors with guidance on how to assess and respond to the risk of asset misappropriation

Why is it important?

This guidance could help external auditors in fraud risk assessments during the audit of financial statements. It could also be useful to audit firms in their fraud training programs.


Rasha Kassem (Author)
Coventry University

Fraud is a major concern for investors, regulators, and external auditors. Of particular concern is asset misappropriation because it is the most common type of corporate fraud. This study provides guidance to external auditors on how to assess and respond to the risk of asset misappropriation. The guide could help enhance external auditors' skills in assessing the risk of assets misappropriation which in turn might increase the likelihood of detecting it.

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