NGOization: Complicity, Contradictions and Prospects

  • Journal for the Study of Radicalism, January 2015, Michigan State University Press
  • DOI: 10.14321/jstudradi.9.1.0173

What is it about?

The main topic of this book is the growing professionalization, depoliticization, and demobilization of movements for social and environmental change termed “NGOization.” Editors Aziz Choudry and Dip Kapoor adopt a critical approach toward nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) by focusing on analysis referring to their dependence and/or complicity with state, market, and multilateral/ international institutions. The volume includes articles adopting common assumptions about the role of NGOs in globalizing capitalist colonization of territories, nature, peoples, and cultures in early twenty-first century. This book fills the gap in the literature regarding the negative effects of NGOs.

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