A Framework To Extend Community Development Measurement To Health And Well-Being

  • J. Schuchter, D. P. Jutte
  • Health Affairs, November 2014, Health Affairs
  • DOI: 10.1377/hlthaff.2014.0961

Community development and health: a framework for shared measurement

What is it about?

Measurement is critical to the productivity of community development and health partnerships. However, there are myriad different systems and strategies for measuring community development and health. A measurement ecosystem will capture the full spectrum from community development inputs to public health impacts. We define a measurement ecosystem for continuous learning and improvement, and describe innovations combining assessment, monitoring, evaluation and standards across the two fields

Why is it important?

Community development and health practitioners focus their work in communities, which are part of an ecosystem. Their measurement will need to be connected in an ecosystem as well. The myriad measurement systems available can be connected in a quality improvement process for healthy community development

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