Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat Data Reveals High Genetic Diversity in Wild Populations of the Narrowly Distributed Endemic Lilium regale in the Minjiang River Valley of China

  • Zhu-hua Wu, Jisen Shi, Meng-li Xi, Fu-xing Jiang, Ming-wen Deng, Selvadurai Dayanandan
  • PLoS ONE, March 2015, Public Library of Science (PLoS)
  • DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0118831

The genetic diversity fo Lilium regale

What is it about?

Lilium regale E.H. Wilson is endemic to a narrow geographic area in the Minjiang River valley in southwestern China, and is considered an important germplasm for breeding commercially valuable lily varieties, due to its vigorous growth, resistance to diseases and tolerance for low moisture. We analyzed the genetic diversity of eight populations of L. regale sampled across the entire natural distribution range of the species using Inter-Simple Sequence Repeat markers .

Why is it important?

the genetic diversity of Lilium regale is not lower, how it happened?


Zhuhua WU
Nanjing Forestry University

it is helpful for understanding herb bulb flower lily's genetic diversity and the breeding and propagation system how to influence it

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