Immune Complex Signatures of Patients with Active and Inactive SLE Revealed by Multiplex Protein Binding Analysis on Antigen Microarrays

  • Krisztián Papp, Péter Végh, Renáta Hóbor, Zoltán Szittner, Zoltán Vokó, János Podani, László Czirják, József Prechl
  • PLoS ONE, September 2012, Public Library of Science (PLoS)
  • DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0044824

What is it about?

We used a novel assay based on protein chips to study the composition of immune complexes that form when serum from SLE patients is used to treat the chips. The composition of these complexes containing distinct autoantigens is reported, showing immunoglobulins and complement proteins to be present in different proportions.

Why is it important?

These data indicate that by measuring IgM and C4 binding to nucleic acids it is possible to identify SLE patients that were otherwise negative for the standard test using IgG detection.


József Prechl

This report laid down the basis for an extended study on the potential use of complement deposition as an immunodiagnostic tool for lupus.

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