What is it about?

SyBLaRS (Systems Biology Layout and Rendering Service) is a web service for automatic layout of biological data in various standard formats as well as construction of customized images in both raster image and scalable vector formats of these maps.

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Why is it important?

Given the size of available biological pathway data nowadays, automatic layout is crucial in understanding the graphical representations of such data. Even though there are many available software tools that support graphical display of biological pathways in various formats, there is none available as a service for on-demand or batch processing of biological pathways for automatic layout, customized rendering and mining paths or subgraphs of interest. In addition, there are many tools with fine rendering capabilities lacking decent automatic layout support.


We were able to demonstrate that SyBLaRS can be used both as an offline layout and rendering service to construct customized and annotated pictures of pathway models and as an online service to provide layout and rendering capabilities for systems biology software tools.

Ugur Dogrusoz
Bilkent Universitesi

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This page is a summary of: SyBLaRS: A web service for laying out, rendering and mining biological maps in SBGN, SBML and more, PLoS Computational Biology, November 2022, PLOS, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1010635.
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