Investigation of Sn-Based Alternatives to Cadmium in Thin Film Coatings

  • Steven J. Wakeham, Gary J. Hawkins, Graham R. Henderson, Nick A. Carthey
  • January 2007, Optical Society of America (OSA)
  • DOI: 10.1364/oic.2007.md8

Replacement of Cadmium Thin-Films with Tin

What is it about?

New Sn-based materials have been deposited and characterised in terms of their optical and mechanical properties and compared with existing cadmium-based thin films that currently find wide spread use in the optoelectronic and semiconductor industries.

Why is it important?

The health risks associated with the inhalation or ingestion of cadmium are well documented. Thin films containing cadmium are employed in a variety of optoelectronic applications where they offer distinct mechanical and optical advantages over other coating materials.


Dr Gary J Hawkins
University of Reading

Environmental performance trials showed them to have good adhesion to Si, Ge, ZnS and BK7 substrates and also good resistance to humidity, though the films show poor abrasion resistance.

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