Introduction: the rise and fall of social work?

Steve Rogowski
  • October 2010, Policy Press
  • DOI: 10.1332/policypress/9781847424488.003.0001

The Rise and Fall of Social work?

What is it about?

This introductory chapter to my book 'Social Work: the rise and fall of a profession?' highlights what led me to the view that in the U.K. social work's hitherto heyday was in the 1970s. It covers autobiographical details relating to my practice career, placing this in the political, economic and ideological context of the move from social democracy to neo-liberalism and all the challenges this entails for practitioners. Nevertheless, a sense of optimism is retained.

Why is it important?

The chapter and book are significant in that they are written by a practitioner who has been embedded in practice across five decades, this providing insights not readily available to academics.

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