Climate Change and Vulnerabilities of the European Energy Balance

Giuliano Buceti
  • Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy Water and Environment Systems, March 2015, International Centre for Sustainable Development of Water
  • DOI: 10.13044/j.sdewes.2015.03.0008

Climate change and shifts in EU energy balance

What is it about?

Energy consumption induces climate change but at the same time modifications in climate impact energy sector both in term of supply capacity and shifts in energy demands. Structure of the EU energy budget is presented, shifts in energy demand, vulnerabilities of supply and risks for energy infrastructure are discussed in order to, eventually, provide figures of possible further threats to continental energy security.

Why is it important?

Energy demand and supply are going to be modified in Europe as an effect of climate change and the possible threat to energy security needs to be discussed in advance. Data of EU27 energy balance in 2010 have been analysed and their change in a +2 °C scenario has been discussed. Given for granted that there are significant differences among countries, quantitative assessments on EU have been made at the level of first order calculation, both for the sake of simplicity and because the great incertitude on future scenarios could make meaningless a supposed higher resolution. The outcome that more than 60% (industry + transport) of European energy consumption is (data 2010) climate independent while the remaining 40% of consumption in households and services is going to experience a 5% reduction in energy consumption, could be a meaningful info for policy makers.


Dr Giuliano Buceti

The outcome of the study helps in focusing on the relevant aspects of climate change and reveals that threats do not come from the energy sector, in particular in the change on the pattern of energy consuption.

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