Effect of exercise in patients with diabetic kidney disease

Manal K Youssef, Mariana V Philips
  • International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation, October 2016, Mark Allen Group
  • DOI: 10.12968/ijtr.2016.23.10.472

physical therapy for diabetic renal failure

What is it about?

Diabetes is one of the most important cause of renal failure.more than one million patient require renal replacement.Recently exercises become a corner stone of rehabilitation of renal failure patient

Why is it important?

Many studies stated that aerobic exercise in duringdialysis can help in rehabilitation of renal failure? but non of the previous studies compare resistance exercise against aerobic and no study measure the effect of exercise in non dialysis days.


Professor manal kamel youssef (Author)
Cairo University

Being the corresponding author of this article gave me a great experience in this field. I hope it can help people with renal failure and their rehabilitation team

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