Temperature Characteristic of pn Junction Diode Using Composite Film of Conductive Polymer Nanofibers

Jun MORITA, Morito YAGI, Takanori GOTO, Shinji KANEHASHI, Takeshi SHIMOMURA
  • KOBUNSHI RONBUNSHU, January 2017, Society of Polymer Science, Japan
  • DOI: 10.1295/koron.2017-0045

Diode performance of conductive polymer nanofiber composite film

What is it about?

We fabricated complementary devices with pn junction between p-type nanofiber/PMMA composite film and n-type nanofiber/PMMA composite film, and evaluated the temperature dependence. Even in the case of using a flexible substrate, this pn junction showed rectifying properties. However, this rectification was lost by bending.

Why is it important?

This full-organic pn junction fabricated in this study showed the rectifying property, but as the temperature decreased, the current in a forward direction became smaller and the ideal coefficient tended to increase.


Mr Jun Morita (Author)
JSR Kabushiki Kaisha

This research aims to realize semiconducting self-standing film.

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