Constructing a Climate Change Logic: An Institutional Perspective on the “Tragedy of the Commons”

Shahzad (Shaz) Ansari, Frank Wijen, Barbara Gray
  • Organization Science, August 2013, INFORMS
  • DOI: 10.1287/orsc.1120.0799

Collective Understanding and Action for Climate Change Mitigation

What is it about?

Collaboration to manage globally shared resources is particularly challenging. Studying four decades of climate change policy, we conclude that effective governance of transnational commons requires actors to recognize that: their fates are interconnected; they are part of the problem; and they take substantive action.

Why is it important?

Climate change is widely perceived as a major societal challenge. Sustaining human life under reasonable conditions will require collaboration among numerous dispersed actors. The article identifies ways in which this global challenge can be effectively addressed.

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