• Pixel-Bit Revista de Medios y Educación, Secretariado de Publicaciones Universidad de Sevilla
  • DOI: 10.12795/pixelbit

ICT educational resources for information, collaboration and learning.

What is it about?

ICT resources are a contribution to information, collaboration and learning processes in the field of professional training of teachers. For information processes, resources allow the search and presentation of relevant information. In collaborative processes, resources will facilitate the establishment of exchange networks. Learning processes require resources that contribute to the achievement of cognitive, procedural and attitudinal skills. Different Techno-pedagogy models are analyzed. Taxonomy for teaching and learning with ICT resources is presented as a proposal

Why is it important?

Proposal of a typology of ICT resources: Information, Collaboration and Learning, in order to facilitate selection of technological media for teachers.


María Luz Cacheiro-González
Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia

Web resources ar a key element during instructional design process. This typology could help teachers in the selection process.

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