Cheminformatics workflows using mobile apps

  • Alex M. Clark, Antony J. Williams, Sean Ekins
  • Chem-Bio Informatics Journal, January 2013, Chem-Bio Informatics Society
  • DOI: 10.1273/cbij.13.1

Using Mobile Technologies for Cheminformatics Applications

What is it about?

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has seen the development of software or ‘apps' that can be used for sophisticated chemistry workflows. These apps can offer capabilities to the practicing chemist that are approaching those of conventional desktop-based software. This article reviews what's possible today and a view of how the area may develop.

Why is it important?

Most of us carry smartphones and use tablets now. Cheminformatics tools are now available on both making access to tools and data much easier now. If you want to learn what's possible and available today this article should be of value.

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