Impact of a structured review session on medical student psychiatry subject examination performance

Shan H. Siddiqi, Kevin J. Black, Fay Y. Womer
  • F1000Research, October 2015, F1000Research
  • DOI: 10.12688/f1000research.7091.2

A review session can raise medical student scores on the psychiatry shelf exam

What is it about?

Washington University medical students performed better on the psychiatry "shelf exam" during 2 years when a psychiatry resident provided them a review session than they did the year before.


Dr Kevin J. Black
Washington University in St. Louis

So ... more evidence that WUSM students are great, and that we have residents who are great teachers. Honestly, I was surprised that the scores improved significantly from before to after the teaching sessions began; I would have thought that the students would need more time reading to make a difference. Then again, maybe the review sessions helped them realize areas they needed to read up on. I was glad to participate in this report. Shan Siddiqi conceived of the study, taught the review sessions, performed the statistical analysis, and drafted the manuscript. Dr. Womer is the current coursemaster for the psychiatry clerkship, a position I held previously. I provided suggestions on the analysis and edited the report.

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