Case Report: Exome sequencing reveals recurrent RETSAT mutations and a loss-of-function POLDIP2 mutation in a rare undifferentiated tongue sarcoma

Jason Y. K. Chan, Peony Hiu Yan Poon, Yong Zhang, Cherrie W. K. Ng, Wen Ying Piao, Meng Ma, Kevin Y. Yip, Amy B. W. Chan, Vivian Wai Yan Lui
  • F1000Research, April 2018, Faculty of 1000, Ltd.
  • DOI: 10.12688/f1000research.14383.1

Genetic changes in a rare tongue cancer

What is it about?

This is an investigation of the genetic changes in a tongue cancer and also his normal cells to identify the reasons behind the development of a rare tongue tumor in a young patient

Why is it important?

To add to our understanding of these rare tumors with the hope to identify potential future targets for drug treatments and management of patients with these rare tumors

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