Phenotype and genotype of  lactic acid bacteria (LAB) isolated from the tiger grouper Epinephelus fuscoguttatus alimentary tract

  • Nursyirwani Nursyirwani, Widya Asmara, Agnesia Endang Tri Hastuti Wahyuni, Triyanto Triyanto, Muhammad Fauzi, Zainal Abidin Muchlisin
  • F1000Research, November 2017, Faculty of 1000, Ltd.
  • DOI: 10.12688/f1000research.12734.1

Lactic acid bacteria from tiger grouper

What is it about?

Lactic acid bacteria has been used as probiotic in aquaculture, mainly to prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria. We have isolated the group of bacteria from the alimentary tract of tiger grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus). Three isolates had also been evaluated for their probiotic properties. However, this research aimed to characterize the bacteria phenotypely and genotypely.

Why is it important?

We investigated that the species of lactic acid bacteria that we studied in this research was Enterococcus hirae. This finding informs the researchers and aquaculturists that many species of lactic acid bacteria can also play important role as probiotic, including Enterococcus hirae.


Nursyirwani Nursyirwani
Universitas Riau

I have co-authors that always help in preparing and completing this article. For myself, this is very important experience to learn how to prepare manuscript better.

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The following have contributed to this page: Dr. Muhammad Fauzi, Professor Zainal A. Muchlisin, and Nursyirwani Nursyirwani