Improved deconvolution of very weak confocal signals

Kasey J. Day, Patrick J. La Rivière, Talon Chandler, Vytas P. Bindokas, Nicola J. Ferrier, Benjamin S. Glick
  • F1000Research, June 2017, F1000Research
  • DOI: 10.12688/f1000research.11773.1

Improved deconvolution of very weak confocal signals

What is it about?

We showed that when confocal image signals were very weak, the commercial Huygens image deconvolution software removed meaningful data. A workaround employing a standard image filter preserved the data. In collaboration with the company that makes Huygens, we subsequently confirmed that an updated version of the software fixed the problem.

Why is it important?

Huygens is used routinely in many laboratories. By identifying and overcoming a limitation in the algorithm, we improved the sensitivity and reliability of image deconvolution for a large number of researchers.


Benjamin Glick (Author)

Details make a difference. In our case, this small change is enabling us to do cell biology experiments that were not previously possible.

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