Linking Stress and Infertility: A Novel Role for Ghrelin

Luba Sominsky, Deborah M Hodgson, Eileen A McLaughlin, Roger Smith, Hannah M Wall, Sarah J Spencer
  • Endocrine Reviews, July 2017, Endocrine Society
  • DOI: 10.1210/er.2016-1133

Ghrelin as a novel link between stress and infertility

What is it about?

Infertility affects a remarkable one in four couples worldwide. Psychological stress is a major contributor to male and female infertility, at least for some individuals. For those individuals who are affected by life stress to a greater extent than others, understanding the underlying mechanisms and the reasons for their increased susceptibility is essential.

Why is it important?

We propose that ghrelin is a compelling link between stress and infertility that may partially explain the individual differences in the way stress affects fertility.

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