The Paradigm of Forests and the Survival of the Fittest

  • February 2016, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1201/b19975

What is it about?

Starting from the biological basis that permits the existence of forests to the use of forest resources in a modern human context, this book summarizes the interaction between humans and forest ecosystems. Designed for readers from a broad range of disciplines and interests including those from environmental sciences, environmental economics, sociology, anthropology, biology, forestry and human ecology and other related disciplines, the book evokes interest in the development of an integrated approach towards forest ecosystems and natural resources in the context of sustainability.

Why is it important?

If you are interested in understanding forest functions and structure, its environmental, social and economic importance, and its past and current challenges, than, this book is a most read. It presented in a provocative, simple and yet rigorous way.


Dr Sergio A. Molina-Murillo
Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica

Editing this book was very enlightening because I had the privilege of learning so much about what leading authors from several parts of the world had to add on the current discussion of the challenges and solutions of forest use and protection in the context of sustainability. Check it out!

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