Efficiency of Light-Emitting Diodes for Future Photosynthesis

Soleyman Dayani, Parisa Heydarizadeh, Mohammad Sabzalian
  • March 2016, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1201/b19498-56

A thorough review on LED lights application in agriculture.

What is it about?

Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Electroluminescence: Efficiency in Converting Electricity to Optical Power for Photosynthesis III. LED: A Tool for Innovative Studies on Photosynthesis III. 1. The Response of Higher Plants to LED Lighting III. 2. Productivity of Algae under LED Lighting IV. Will Light-emitting Diodes Dominate the Future of Artificial Lighting for Photosynthesis? V. Conclusions and Perspectives VI. References Key words : Controlled environment, Light- emitting diodes (LED), Photosynthesis efficiency

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