Achoo, achis, ATCHIN! Vaccine you…

Filipe Froes, Francesco Blasi, Antoni Torres
  • European Respiratory Journal, March 2018, European Respiratory Society (ERS)
  • DOI: 10.1183/13993003.02558-2017

Take every opportunity to act on modifiable risk factors for CAP

What is it about?

Achoos, Achis, ATCHIN! Bless you. In this case, vaccinate yourself and vaccinate your patients against influenza virus and S. pneumoniae. And take every opportunity to act on modifiable risk factors for CAP. ATCHIN! A Alcohol: Reduce alcohol consumption T Tobacco: Tobacco/smoking cessation C Chronic conditions and Comorbidities: Adequate management of chronic conditions and comorbidities H Dental Hygiene: Ensure good oral hygiene and regular dental appointments I Immussupressive therapy and contact with Infants and children: Judicious use of immunosuppressive drugs (including oral steroids) and avoidance of infants and children with lower respiratory tract infections N Nutritional status: Dietary advice to ensure good nutritional status

Why is it important?

CAP can affect any age group, hence we are all at risk, even though some are more at risk than others. Prevention of respiratory infections is the best way to treat Pneumonia.


Filipe Froes (Author)
Hospital Pulido Valente - Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte, Portugal

ATCHIN is an acronym of a bundle to reduce the risk of CAP in adults that aims to simplify its implementation by healthcare professionals.

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