Should reversibility be assessed in all asthmatic children with normal spirometry?

Edouard Dufetelle, Plamen Bokov, Christophe Delclaux, Nicole Beydon
  • European Respiratory Journal, May 2018, European Respiratory Society (ERS)
  • DOI: 10.1183/13993003.00373-2018

Post-bronchodilator eversibility in asthmatic children with normal baseline spirometry

What is it about?

In this study we wished to evaluate the frequency of post-bronchodilator reversibility of spirometry in asthmatic children with baseline spirometry within the limits of normal

Why is it important?

We first found that around two third of asthmatic children referred to our tertiary hospital pulmonary function laboratory has a normal baseline spirometry. Among these children, only 5% had a post-bronchodilator significant reversibility. We established thresholds to distinguish children with or without reversibility with a sensitvity of 90 % (i.e. 0.42 Z-score for FEV1 and −0.16 Z-score for FEV1/FVC)


Nicole Beydon (Author)
Armand Trousseau Hospital, Paris, France

it is posible to implement the proposed thresholds to skip the bronchodilator test in some asthmatic children, but we need to add the child's asthma symptom control to our decision (which we did not have in our retrospective study)

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