'A Miserable, Stinking, Infected Town': Pestilence, Plague and Death in a Civil War Garrison, Newark 1640-1649

Stuart B. Jennings
  • Midland History, June 2003, Taylor & Francis
  • DOI: 10.1179/mdh.2003.28.1.51

Disease, ediemics and death amongst the civilian population of a civil war garrison, 1640-1660

What is it about?

A quantitive study of the social, economic and demographic impact upon the civilians of the royalist garrison of Newark upon Trent over the period of the civil wars, 1640-1660

Why is it important?

This paper was a central part of the award winning book 'These Uncertaine Tymes': The Civilian experience of the Civil Wars, Newark,1640-1660. The book won one of the Alan Ball national awards for Local History Publishing in 2010

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